Own a piece of history - an enduring memento of epic events in the Nations history. Gentlemens penknives hand made in Sheffield and some using historic wood

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Lee Enfield coin

5 Commemorative coin issued by Guernsey to commemorate WW1. It displays an extract of Binyan’s poem ‘For the Fallen’. ‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.’ The coin is rebated into the walnut wood extracted from a Lee Enfield rifle butt stored for 70 years and gift boxed. This is a truly authentic piece of great war memorabilia. The back of the walnut is curved because the item is from rifle butt stock which is curved and the back displays the tones of the aged walnut. Stock number U61. Price 65


Lee Enfield knife
Lee Enfield knife engraved

With grips made from the Walnut of a Lee Enfield rifle butt this folding knife hand made in Sheffield is engraved as shown. The knife open is 6 1/4 inches long and has a Farmers Blade. It’s traditionally made in a pattern which has been used little changed for centuries. It’s exactly the kind of knife the ordinary working man might have carried in his pocket as he marched off to war. We only have a limited supply of walnut from Lee Enfield rifle butts and you do not get many knives from a single butt. Accompanying this WW1 commemorative knife is a letter on hand made paper giving you details of the knife and the walnut used in it’s manufacture. We also have the knife but without the engraving on the Lee Enfield page. Stock number W1.Price 55 SOLD


Other knives with different engravings can be seen here.

For knives with different engravings covering The Somme  click on the link above. Remember with our knives with carbon steel blades to look at the care of knives page on sheffield-gb.com

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Flanders Fields carved poppies

We have Flanders Fields poppies relief carved out of the walnut from the Lee Enfield rifle butts. The poppy an iconic emblem of the Great War is being turned into a work of art by a British carver. Hand carved, not machine carved we are producing a few items for those with an interest in obtaining a unique work. Whether your interest is military history or you would like a commemorative piece associated with the momentous events of WW1 you should consider this piece. To obtain the carvings we turned the picture of the poppy into a black and white image and then outlined the features. The centenary of the World War One and of course the centenary of the various battles over the next four years will be marked by different engravings on the blades of the Sheffield folding knives we have made and of course each one will have handles made from the Lee Enfield walnut wood. Perhaps the most important commemoration will be the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and we will produce a knife with a suitable inscription to mark that momentous event. Whilst the poppy is most intimately associated with WW1 it has become the image associated with all of Britain's 20th  century conflict’s. Just like all our historic wood it was a hard job locating it and finding the right people to work it competently.


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These are the handcarved poppies sculpted out of Lee Enfield walnut rifle butts. The poppies are hand carved by a renowned British carver and we have tried to preserve the shape of the rifle butt. They have the channels bored in the walnut in the rear. They come in a plain black box. They are approximately 3 inches long and have a depth of three quarters of an inch. We also provide a description of the poppy on handmade paper with each purchase. SOLD


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The poppies are hand carved out of our Lee Enfield rifle butts by a traditional British wood carver and his work can be found in stately homes, public buildings and churches throughout the land. These Flanders Fields poppies are works of art.

Tower of London poppies

This is part of the old moat of the Tower of London which was filled with ceramic poppies to mark the commemoration of the start of WW1.

John McCrae was of course the writer of perhaps the most well known WW1 poem  ‘In Flanders Fields’. ‘In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses row on row.’ The walnut from the Lee Enfield rifle butts being over seventy years old is a superb wood regardless of it’s historic connotations and our collection of handmade items made by skilled craftsmen will increase over the next few months until of course our supply of the wood runs out.

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Battle of Trafalgar

The Sheffield folding knives made today are pretty much the same with the same blade types as the British soldier would have carried in the trenches of the Great War. The Farmers blade was a rugged blade designed to take a bit of abuse and today’s Sheffield knives are being made in part with Victorian machines and probably the very same machines that were being used during the Great War.

For many years we lived in Northern France on the 1914 - 1918 war battlefields and whilst people will say that the poppy thrived on broken ground it actually also thrived  in cultivated fields of wheat where the farmer had not used much weed killer. Fields of wheat would turn red. Whilst the First World War presented many iconic images and works of literature perhaps it’s most enduring symbol is that of the poppy. We have the work of a British hand carver who has tried to capture this image in wood.  Along with this product we will have hand made folding knives with scales from Lee Enfield rilfe butts. On one occasion alongside the writers and artists who stayed with us we had a descendant of the brother of John McCrae who brought along some of the family papers. During the many  years we lived on the WW1 battlefields the individuals who fought and died on those battlefields became real people as their descendants visited us. They talked about their ancestor’s as though they were as real as last years photographs of a family wedding. Their photographs, letters and family anecdotes were passed down through generation after generation.  My grandfather a tunneler from Manchester was the last person buried in his cemetery and the letters from his men after his death point a poignant picture of the reality of the war.

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We have a variety of pens made with historic wood including wood from HMS Victory. Have a look by clicking on the image.

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We have a range of leather products made using historic leather. Vintage and antique leather which has a history and in owning these products you do not just  posses a piece of bland leather you have an heritage item which has a patina derived from it’s history and age.

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