I send with this dispatch three eagles, taken by the troops in this action, which Major Percy will have the honor of laying at the feet of His Royal Highness. I beg leave to recommend him to your Lordships protection. I have the honor to be., etc.,


The Waterloo despatch was delivered to the Prince Regent who was dining at 16 St. James’s Square. Percy was promoted to Colonel on the spot. Major Percy had set off for Ostend on the 19th June. They boarded the Royal Navy sloop HMS Peruvian but the wind dropped and they became becalmed. They then rowed across the Channel in the ships boat and landed at Broadstairs on the 21st June. They travelled by post- chaise through Kent to London. They proceeded through London with the French Eagles protruding through the windows of the coach and were flanked by cheering crowds.

16 St. James’s Square is now the home of the East India Club another British Institution. Founded in the middle of the 19th century, it’s original members were servants of the East India Company and Commissioned Officers of Her Majesty's Army and Navy

4 st. james's square

The 18th century oak used in our knives comes from one of the Historic buildings in St. James’s Square.

St.James’s Square has  noteworthy history not just for it’s architecture but also for it’s part in British history. In the 1720’s the square was home to seven Dukes and seven Earls.

The Battle of Waterloo took place on the 18th of June 1815 and 2015 marked it’s bicentenary. Our knife commemorates that bicentenary. It carries a sheepsfoot blade of a traditional pattern made in Sheffield for centuries. It’s handmade and is exactly the kind of pocket knife the ordinary man would have carried in London at the time of the battle. The blade is carbon steel which is a traditional steel used in pocket knife making and is engraved with the words -

‘Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo 1815 - 2015’


‘200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo 1815 - 2015’

We are lucky in that a few of the traditional knife makers still remain in Sheffield practicing their craft. With the knife we provide a letter on handmade paper telling you about the knife and the origins of the oak. Unlike a commemorative piece with no real provenance this high quality item has a genuine association with these epic events. It’s not a souvenir of the bicentenary of the celebrations it’s an authentic work intimately contacted with British history. It comes gift boxed with a letter on handmade paper telling you about the knife and the oak.


Opener unboxed
sgian dubh red sheath

This is the St. James’s letter opener made utilising the St. James’s square oak. Click on the image to go to the page detailing it. This is the version without the Battle of Waterloo engraving. The paper knife with the Battle of Waterloo lettering is below. It comes in the red sheath made with the red cloth made by Hainsworths Mill whichis the same cloth made for centuries and was the cloth used by the British army at Waterloo and even today by the Guards. You get a letter on hand made paper telling about this historic cloth. Finally have a look at our historic pens by clicking on the image below.

historic pens 7

The knife with a sheepsfoot blade handmade in Sheffield comes with a letter on handmade paper describing the knife and it’s making. The price is inclusive of UK postage and it’s boxed. You have a choice of engraving as shown below and the price is 41

Waterloo anniversary
waterloo knife 2
Waterloo bicentenary

The paper knife comes gift boxed in a red drawstring bag with a letter on handmade paper describing the knife and it’s making. The price inclusive of UK postage is 51. The blade is shaped stainless steel not just flat stamped and the paper knife has ornate file work down the tang back. Without the Battle of Waterloo lettering the paper knife is on this link. The red drawstring bag is made from the  red cloth made by Hainsworths mill and is the same red cloth made for centuries for the British army. It’s the cloth used at Waterloo and the exact same cloth used in the dress uniforms of the Guards today. it’s a sumputuous thick red cloth and is as iconic as the paper knife it encloses.

Letter opener Waterloo 1
Letter opener Waterloo

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The St. James’s razor made with 18th century oak from St. James’s Square is on our other web site rasoir.uk

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We have a limited amount of timber from HMS Victory and you can see our folding sheffield pocket knives by clicking on the image above.


Other shaving associated items are also on rasoir.uk


And on rasoir.uk we have a range of handpainted Iznik shaving bowls. Every one is unique and handpainted in Turkey.

Armada Dish 350

After the defeat of the Spanish Armada captured silver from captured treasure ship was used to create the Armada service. Which was probably owned by Francis Drake. Since that time skilled silver smiths have recreated the plates for which the originals are in the British museum. From time to time we have these recreated silver dishes which you can see by clicking on the image left.

Concorde part made 300
Concorde 293

Made out of the engine blades of the Concorde we have keyrings. Superb shapes with an amazing provenance and quite unlike any keyring you will ever see. The shape of the keyring is dictated by the shape of the engine parts and you can see them part made on the left.

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