Pen made to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee using the finest teak from the Royal Navy which was stored for the last ship in the Navy to have a teak deck which was the Royal Yacht

Platinum Jubilee 250

In 2022 the Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. She will have been on the throne for seventy years and will be the first British Monarch to celebrate being on the throne  for seventy years. She acceded the throne in 1952 on the 6th February. We have some unique items to celebrate this historic event and they have been made in small quantities. In particular the pen is a notable piece.

Teak decking 300
House of Stewart pen holder
Navy teak pen

The Royal Yacht teak used in our pens is the finest Royal Navy teak and the specification for the Royal Yacht decking is described as the finest Burmese teak two inches thick just as our teak is two inches thick and you could not find a better more memorable material for our Platinum Jubilee commemorative gifts throughout our web sites.

britannia new

The Queens Platinum Jubilee is in 2022. An historic event and we have ballpoint pens made from historic quality teak stored by the Royal Navy for the last of the Royal Navy's ships to have a teak deck and that was the Royal Yacht. The Platinum Jubilee will be marked with a variety of events throughout the year. The sheath which will enclose the pen is made from wool from a Yorkshire Mill in the Royal House of Stewart Tartan who were said to be distant ancestors of the Royal family. The pen is 49 and that includes UK postage, boxed and in the Sheath above.


coronation coin1

This is the Elizabeth II Coronation Crown, Five shilling denomination. Struck for the 1953 Coronation. This superb commemorative piece comes gift boxed and set in teak which is over sixty years old and which was disposed of by the Royal Navy when the Royal Yacht was decommissioned. The Royal Yacht was the last ship in the Royal Navy to use teak decking and this Burmese teak as you would expect is the finest quality. The coins which have been selected very carefully by us may show some degree of tarnishing given their age.

boxed coronation gift

All the commemorative coins shown on our other pages come gift boxed in the style displayed here.


This Elizabeth II commemorative piece comes with a certificate on handmade paper telling you about this historic wood and the coin. The price inclusive of gift box, certificate on handmade paper and UK postage is 58

HM Queen Elizabeth II  Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Paper Knife

The paper knife comes gift boxed and with a certificate on handmade paper telling you about the knife and the wood and is postpaid within the UK. The wood is 18th Century Oak from an ancient building in St. James’s Square, London. The knife comes in a red drawstring bag and the blade has ornate hand file work down the spring back. The red drawstring wool bag is made by cloth from Hainsworths mill and is the red woolen cloth used in the dress uniforms of the Guards and also the wool sack in the houses of Parliament - it’s the same cloth made by the Company since it’s founding in 1740. The paper knife is seven and half inches long and the blade is stainless steel. Post paid within the UK. The price is 89.

Letter opener boxed
Letter opener tang1

For a supremely elegant start to your day you can open your post with this handmade paper knife commemorating the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Replete in a red drawstring bag this sumptuous item will grace your breakfast table and add a touch of aristocratic class to the process of buttering you crumpets and other necessary chores. I think we have about four of these paper knives left.

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Douglas Bader cufflinks 350

Amongst our cufflinks we have cufflinks made utilizing the salvaged metal from a Junkers JU88 bomber which was shot down over the Thames during the Battle of Britain Douglas Bader participated in the action.

Folding Knives by Michael Harrison of A. Wright & Son Ltd of Sheffield

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Remember to have a look at some details of the history of Sheffield and it’s steel making. Most of the innovations in steel and steel making originated in Sheffield

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See our fragments from history in our new keyring range. These keyrings incorporate material from historic events into them. We have over the years bought material including wood and metal which has some historic significance and when it has gone it has gone. Its taken a long time to find most of this material and even longer to find the craftsmen prepared to use it. For thews people who want something which is a bit different you will find that on these pages.

Teak cheese knife 250

This cheese knife has been made with the Royal Navy teak stored for perhaps seventy years as replacement decking for the Royal Yacht. The teak is the finest teak you could possibly acquire and the cheese knife has been handmade in Sheffield. Very few of these have been made simply because we do not have much of the teak left and the capacity to handcraft these fine items is no longer available amongst the last of the ‘Little Meister's’ in Sheffield.

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For other fine gifts including items by Asprey click on the links left

concorde keyring boxed

Made from the original metal from the engine of a Concorde jet we have this keyring. We have tried to preserve the original shape of the metal and make a keyring which reflects the sleek lines of the Concorde. It makes a fine piece of aeronautical memorabilia. Click on the image above to see it.

wine accessories 1

We have a range of wine accessories including silver decanter labels which you can see by  clicking on the above image.

Scottish Provincial Silver Spoons 13

Hallmarked silver spoons are traditional christening gifts. Because each silver spoon is pretty much a unique item it’s only the smaller ones which fit in our boxes so if you want a box for any of our silver spoons ask before buying. We also have hallmarked silver photographic frames which make superb presents. The hallmarked silver spoons include a fine range of Scottish provincial silver spoons.

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