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We will refund your money for any item you return in unused condition and within two months of purchase. If you have re-sharpened any of our bladed products including knives, razors and scissors we cannot take them back. See our page on the ‘Care of Knives’. We also unfortunately cannot take back items which have been used as we are unable to sell second hand items and use always causes marks on the blades. Always use gloves when handling our folding knives and other knives including bowie and bushcraft knives. Malcolm Carpenter, 38 Punch Croft, New Ash Green, Kent DA38HP

You need to ensure that in your Country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law regarding the import, carrying and use of our products. In order to purchase any of our products you will need to certify that you are over eighteen years of age at checkout. We also require you to use paypal who require you to be  a minimum  of eighteen.

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With the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016 we have some very nice quality memorabilia.

boxed coronation gift small

These commemorative items include a range of our historic wood with commemorative 5 coins rebated into the appropriate wood. The piece pictured above is the Queens Coronation Five shilling piece rebated into ancient teak which had been kept by the Navy as replacement decking for the Royal Yacht Britannia.

For several centuries Ankole Horn has been imported into Britain and used for the manufacture of range of items including fine jewellery boxes. It has fine rich colours and polishes nicely. It’s from the large horned cattle which roam freely in parts of Africa. Click on the image above to visit the page with pocket knives with grips made from this horn


Our ever increasing range of gentlemans pocket knives made in Sheffield are on our web site sheffield-gb.com these include gardening knives and a range of other knives made with traditional blade types.

Antique & Vintage Silver

HMS Victory gifts

Royal Yacht themed gifts

Nautical and military themed gifts

Sgian Dubhs

French folding knives

Bowie knives

Waterloo Knife

Special Offers

Historic  Keyrings

Driftwood Sgian Dubhs & Knives

Cheese Knives

Gardening knives

Unique Belt Buckles

Nautical and Naval paperweights

Letter Openers

WW1 Centenary

Victory paper knife

Agincourt Knife

Arkansas Stones

Imperial Knife

St. James’s Pen

Minster Tea Light

Queens Birthday

Somme Knife

Mammoth Ivory

Heritage Wood

Care of Knives


Ankole Horn

Lee Enfield Knife

Historic Cufflinks

Battle of Trafalgar

SPITFIRE CUfflinks small

Have a look at our historic cufflinks and keyrings crafted from the metal of Battle of Britian spitfires and other historic metal.

Our email address is m.carpenter519@btinternet.com and our telephone number is 01474 879923

Folding Knives by Michael Harrison of A. Wright & Son Ltd of Sheffield

More Sheffield made pocket knives

Sheffield knives made with historic material

Scottish knives including sgian dubhs

Sheffield Made Bowie Knives

Sheffield Made Bushcraft Knives

Gentlemens shaving products 350

Click on the image above to see our new range of shaving products including razors, shaving brushes, moustache scissors and other essential items for gentlemen of taste. We also have a range of vintage and antique straight razors.

Scottish driftwood sgian dubh 2

With grips made from an ancient piece of Scottish driftwood we have a few unique Sheffield made Sgian Dubhs on offer which can be seen by clicking on the link above

sheffield made logo jpg348

Tornado penholder 6 small

Made from the drive shaft of a RAF Tornado is this unique pen holder. Click on the image to view it.


You can see some really remarkable epoch gifts on our other web site

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