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The Royal Yacht Britannia is the former Royal yacht of the British monarch. She was the 83rd Royal Yacht and when she was decommissioned she became an exhibition ship at Leith in Scotland. The yacht was built of the Clyde by John Brown and Co. On decommissioning teak which had been carefully stored as replacement decking was disposed of and it is this teak we have used for our Royal themed gift items and Royal navy items. The maritime themed coins will vary according to availability. Each coin has come from previous owners some have been cleaned by them some are tarnished so you can expect some variance from the coins pictured. These make superb paperweights.

Royal Yacht Britannia

With each item you get a handsigned letter on handmade paper telling you about the item. They come gift boxed and in the case of the Sheffield made folding knives with a certificate of authenticity from the maker. The Sheffield knives are handmade by skilled craftsmen largely using the skills of hand and and eye and they make magnificent gifts which are a tribute to Britain’s industrial heritage.

History of the Royal Navy 5 coin

The History of the Royal Navy 5 coin. Issued by Jersey 2003. The coin illustrates famous Royal Navy figures. Rebated in decking from the Royal Yacht Britannia and gift boxed. A nice historic gift item especially for those with an interest in maritime and nautical matters. U57

Price 49

coronation coin1

Elizabeth II Coronation Crown Five shillings denomination. 1953. Rebated in teak decking from the Royal Yacht Britannia and gift boxed. A superb gift for those interested in British royalty. We can back these with green baize to use a paperweight. U58

Price 58

Lambsfoot folding knife with teak scales

H11 A Sheffield made folding knife with scales made from the teak which had been stored by the Royal Navy for over sixty years. The knife has a lambsfoot blade which is a traditional blade and is carbon steel. With the knife is a signed certificate of authenticity from maker and a letter detailing the origins of the knife and the wood. The teak is the finest you can buy hardened and matured to perfection.

Price 41

spearpoint folding knife with Brittania scales

Teak handles and the teak is from Royal Navy stores. The knife is spearpoint folding knife made in the traditional way and handmade by skilled Sheffield craftsmen. With the knife is a certificate of authenticity from the maker and a signed letter on handmade paper detailing the origins of the teak. H12

Price 41

Ark Royal coin

The History of the Royal Navy silver 5 coin. Issued by Jersey 2009. The coin shows the British Aircraft Carrier Ark Royal. Rebated in ancient teak from the decking of the Royal Yacht Britannia and gift boxed. U59

Price 65

stacked scissors 300

Remember to have a look at our fine handmade Sheffield scissors on our other web site

We also have a wide range of folding and pocket knives on that site made by Sheffield craftsmen.

Francis Drake

This is the silver 5 coin of the History of the Royal Navy series. This commemorates Francis Drake. It’s rebated into teak decking from the Royal Yacht and is gift boxed. We can  back with green baize for you to use as a unique paperweight or just kept in the box. The coin was struck by the Royal Mint and issued by Jersey in 2003. It’s struck in fine detail. U60


Price 65

Mary Rose

The Mary Rose was a warship of the English Tudor Navy. She served for 33 years. She sank in the Solent in 1545 and was rediscovered in 1971. The ship was salvaged in 1982. This finely detailed 5 coin was struck by the Royal Mint and issued by Alderney in 2003. It’s rebated into teak decking from the Royal Yacht and gift boxed. Like each item on this page you get a letter on handmade paper setting out details of the coin and the teak. U61

Price 65

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We have added to our range of unique safety razors with  a piece which utilizes the 18th century oak from St. James’s Square, London. This fine gentlemans safety razor uses centuries old oak from an historic building in a Square which has been at the centre of British life for several hundred years. Click on the image to see this and other wet shaving products.

boxed coronation gift small

This is how the coins rebated in the teak decking look.. Each of the 5 coins comes rebated in to the appropriate wood and makes for a fine gift. The gift box perfectly fits the historic wood. The wood is also used for our DE razors and our Sheffield made penknives. Each of these  products made with historic wood is unique to us and hand made. Unlike products made in their tens of thousands most of these items are made in quantities of fewer than twenty.

Razors of distinction 400

On is a new range of razors.

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Have a look at our pages on the history of Sheffield steel and knife making - click on the image left

SUmptuous cheese knives jpg 350

There are cheese knives and cheese knives - have a look at ours made utilising teak stored by the Royal Navy for perhaps seventy years. Hard dense high quality wood - ideal for the arduous job of cutting the Wensleydale after a heavy night with the Port.

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