Cufflinks made from the copper sheathing from HMS Victory

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The Hull of HMS Victory was sheathed in copper. From the 18th century the Royal Navy began using copper sheathing to protect their ships from teredo worm. The worm bored into the wooden hulls of ships below the water line and eventually a solution was found in the shape of copper sheathing. These cufflinks are made from the copper sheathing discarded from HMS Victory during one of the many refits.

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The Battle of Trafalgar was perhaps the most famous British Naval Victory and HMS Victory was Nelsons flagship during the battle. Nelson died and his body was famously brought back to Greenwich preserved in a cask of Brandy. The HMS Victory cufflinks are a fine memento of Britains Naval heritage, HMS Victory and Lord Nelson.

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We have a variety of items made from the oak planking from HMS Victory. Our Sheffield made folding knives utilising this historic wood can be viewed by clicking on the image above

The cufflinks come in a cufflink box with a letter on handmade paper describing the item. The cufflink base for this piece is square with rounded edges and is rhodium plated over brass. It has an angled u-arm fitting. The metal has been treated and varnished but otherwise left as it came to us. It will have the patina of age replete with discolourations and blemishes which make each item unique and a work of art. You will remember Britain’s Naval History and it’s heroes whenever you wear this item.

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Nelson Victory cufflinks
HMS Victory cufflinks

One pair of HMS Victory cufflinks boxed in a velvet cufflink box and including postage in the UK is 49.


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One of our great Battle of Britain heroes was Douglas Bader and click on the above image to go to a cufflink page with cufflinks associated with his exploits.

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We have a wide range of Sheffield made pocket knives on our other web site and you can view them by clicking on the image above.

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Typenet was formed out my days as a typographic designer when type was something real that you touched.  I wished to combine my skills as a typographer with real tangible products. Products made largely in the UK by craftsmen who in many cases were becoming as obsolete as typographic designers but who nevertheless had products which were worthwhile and which arose out of the need for utilitarian objects. Individuals working in small workshops making things as they always were made and although not many of these craftsmen are left some are still around keeping alive old skills. We search for material which is special in some way. Material which has connections with historic events of material which has colours and textures which are usually never incorporated into mass produced items. Whether it’s burls from Australian Coolibah trees or metal which has come out of the ground in France and displays colours and patinas which make every item made using these pieces unique.

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