Sheffield made pocket knives incorporating wood from HMS Victory. The folding knives are made by craftsmen in Sheffield to traditional patterns.

nelson plaque 1

We have some unique and historic gifts on this page. The battle of Trafalgar was fought on the 21st October 1805 and was a naval engagement fought between the combined fleets of French and Spanish and British fleet. Admiral Lord Nelson lead the British Fleet of twenty seven ships. Nelson was killed during the battle and became of of Britain’s most important war heroes.

HMS Victory was Nelson’s flagship during the battle and was laid down in 1759 and launched in 1765. In 1922 she was moved into a dry dock in Portsmouth and preserved as a museum ship. She is the flagship of the 1st Sea Lord and is the worlds oldest naval ship still in commission. Wooden hulled ships always require replacement of their wooden hulls. Oak was used in the Victory and despite it being coated with copper sheathing it still perishes. The wood we acquired was from the the refurbishment and came to complete with the copper shipbuilding nails which were use with all these item.  With the knife is a letter providing details of the knife and we have produced the letter on handmade paper of the type used during the period and used the Caslon typeface which is also authentic to the time. All the items on this page come with a handsigned letter on handmade paper. The commemorative coins and medals on this page can be used as collectors items or we will back them in green baize for use as a paper weight.

The 200th Anniversary of the battle was in 2005. The Oak from the victory is inset with various coins and medals commemorating the battle. The really unique historic item are the medals struck from the copper reclaimed from HMS Foudroyant which was shipwreck on Blackpool beach. All the coins show varying degrees of tarnishing due to their age and the way previous owners have handled them. We have not cleaned any of them as in the UK coin collectors frown on this practice. Some of them have been cleaned by previous owners but remember the coins in the photographs are not representative of the coin you will receive. I have done my best with the photography and the selection of the coins. In the case of the Foudroyant the medal is over a hundred years old and the medal shows age associated patina of varying degrees ranging from very dark to very light. I do not have many of this rare item at all and the rarity is considerably increased by setting it in Oak from Nelson’s Victory. The HMS Victory Oak makes high quality unique paperweights.


In June 1897 during a violent storm the Foudroyant went ashore on Blackpool sands damaging Blackpool North Pier in the process. They could not refloat her and parts of the ship were sold off. The wall paneling from the boardroom went to Blackpool football club and the ships bell is now in Blackpool Town Hall. Her copper was used to make various medals. She was Nelson’s flagship in the Mediterranean between 1799 and 1800.

HMS Victory

foudroyant copper coin 1

Each of these items comes set in wood from HMS Victory. The wood is rebated so the coin or medal fits in the rebate. The piece is then set in a gift box On the reverse of this medal is a relief portrait of Nelson. The combination of the copper from Nelson’s flagship the Foudroyant and the oak from Nelson’s flagship the Victory is presents a unique scarce item. The medal itself is one and half inches across and the Victory oak is three inches by two and quarter inches. Remember that each Foudroyant medal comes with varying degrees of tarnishing and some have been cleaned by previous owners. The one displayed has been cleaned but connoisseurs prefer the uncleaned displaying the blackening of age. Each of these items is accompanied by a letter on handmade paper telling you all about the item. The Foudroyant medal is held in place in the rebate with a small blob of rubber studio adhesive. If you wish to remove it just turn the coin and it will free it. Stock number U51

Price 125

Nelson anniversary coin

2005 Royal Mint Horatio Nelson 200th Anniversary 5 crown coin. In 2005 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Horatio Nelson’s death The Royal Mint struck a 5 coin. In the centre is a portrait of Nelson designed by James Butler and the reverse shows a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Bradley. The coin comes rebated into ancient oak salvaged from HMS Victory and gift boxed as below. Stock number U52

Price 95

Trafalgar 5 coin

In 2005 to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar The Royal Mint struck a 5 coin. In the centre are Royal Navy ships Victory and Temeraine as viewed from the French fleet. The coin designed by Clive Duncan is of quite exceptional design in capturing the heroic nature of a naval engagement. The coin comes rebated into ancient oak salvaged from HMS Victory and gift boxed as above. With all these items you get a letter produced on handmade paper detailing the item. U53

Price 95

2008 Anniversary of the Birth of Nelson coin

Struck by the Royal Mint a 5 coin issued by Tristan da Cunha in 2008. The coin marks an anniversary of the birth of Lord Nelson. The coin comes rebated into the ancient oak salvaged from HMS Victory and gift boxed as below. This high quality silver coin. U55

Price 95

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Handmade penknife with HMS Victory scales

Another ancient pattern is the folding knife with a lambsfoot blade. Six and half inches long opened and using the reclaimed oak from HMS Victory. The knife is a fine heritage piece. The knife comes gift boxed. All these items make fine gifts for the collector of Nelsoniana.  H19 Price 78

folding knife with HMS Victory scales

This knife is handmade in Sheffield largely using the skills of hand and eye in the traditional way knives have been made in Sheffield over the centuries. Handcrafted knives which in their day would have been supplied to Nelson’s navy. This pattern is a spearpoint folding knife. Six and half inches long opened. Polished blade with one nickel silver bolster. Ancient oak wood  from HMS Victory. H18  Price 78

Ark Royal 1 small

The coins and medals come boxed and rebated in to the specific wood as described by each item. Except for the Foudroyant medal the coins are held in place by pressure to get a coin out simply tap the edge of the wood against something hard. The ancient oak might have withstood a few of Napoleons cannonballs and will be quite used to a bit of abuse. Upcycled  materials courtesy of Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars.

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Nelson Royal navy coin

This is the Horatio Nelson coin from the  series History of the Royal Navy. It’s a 5 coin issued by Guernsey in 2003. As the other coins above it comes rebated into the ancient Oak from HMS Victory. Just  imagine having this unique item on your desk as source of inspiration. I do not think you could find a better gift than this for somebody with an interest in British history, nautical history, the Royal Navy or somebody with an interest in unique gifts. These are unique items made utilising our small stock of HMS Victory timber. The coin is silver. Stock number U56.

Price 75

Sartorial elegance 200

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Douglas Bader Hurricane

Another iconic British military hero is Douglas Bader and on one of our historic cufflinks pages we have a cufflink handcrafted with the remains of a German plane associated with Douglas Bader. It’s a quality Battle of Britain piece with great historic connections.

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Armada Dish 350

Made originally from the captured treasure ships of Spain were the Armada dishes. Originally owned by Francis Drake they have been recreated by silver smiths ever since.

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