Sheffield Made Bowie Knives. From the Home of Knife Making

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We have a range of Sheffield made Bowie knives and other sheath knives. They are suitable for camping, fishing and hunting purposes and some are fine examples of the Shefffield  knife makers art.

Reg Cooper bowie knife
Sheffield made bowie knife
Reg Cooper Sheffield made bowie knife

We have a wide range of John Maleham’s knives from A. Wright & Son Ltd and also some of Reg. Coopers knives. Older Bowie knives are on our antique knives pages. To see John’s knives click here. To see Bowie knives by Reg. Cooper click here.

To see our antique and vintage Bowie knives click here Always look at our care of knives page on how care for carbon steel knives.

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We have a wide range of knives on that site including Scottish dirks and sgian dubhs utilising some of our historic wood and of course our Sheffield made folding knives

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If you wish you can email us on or telephone us on 01474 879923

safety razor wood shaft

On our web site  we have a range of safety razors, cut throat razors ad shaving brushes some made with our antique wood. Click on the image to see them.

Bushcraft oak close up
Bushcraft oak handle

We have some magnificent 13th century oak which has been incorporated in to our Sheffield made bushcraft knives. It has a superb patina and is very hard with a great grain pattern. The bushcraft knives are on our web site

Tudor Rose bowie 300

We have a very few Bowie knives made with grips from 15th century oak from a Yorkshire farmhouse. Made in Sheffield in the traditional way these fine handcrafted items utilise hard ancient oak which makes for ideal knife grips -

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Buy them whilst they are still available

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For Sheffield made knives which are unique one offs click on the image left. They have various types of horn most with distinctive markings

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