Art Nouveau silver of various kinds.To order email me at

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Between  around 1890 and 1910 art nouveau flourished. It’s a decorative style that emphasizes long sinuous organic lines. It’s most visible publically today on Paris Metro signs and in silver you can find tankards, pens silver boxes of various kinds and perfume bottles. All prices include UK postage.

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napkin hallmarks

Edwardian solid sterling silver napkin ring Birmingham 1904 W. G. Keight. 5cm wide x 3 cm high. No discernable imperfections. Nouveau 6  Price 45

napkin ring

scent bottle 1
scent bottle2

Art Noveau silver and glass perfume bottle. No discernable faults. Size height 6.3 cm x 3,2 cm. Nouveau 7 Price 60

For a range of keyrings made using historic material including this keyring created with the airship fabric form the Barnes Wallace designed R100 Airship click on the above.

R100 airship keyring 300

Carrs art Nouveau picture frame

Sheffield made silver photo frame. Condition as new. Size roughly 6.25 inches x 5.25 inches with a photo area of roughly 3.75x 3.75. Hallmarks for Sheffield and RC for Carr. Very nice art nouveau quality item. Must be unused with sticker still on the front of the glass. Ref. Carr 7. Price 95

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For a wide range of Sheffield knives including pocket knives and folding knives of various description and other fine items from Sheffield click on the above logo


For a range of epoch gifts which are craft made including fine silver items featuring functional works of art in the shape of silver picture frames and hallmarked silver spoons stretching back hundreds of years. Our solid silver spoons date back to the early eighteenth century and the silver picture frames are made by some of the best silversmiths who have honed their craft with decades of experience and like most of the craft skills around today they are fewer and fewer in number.

Tea Caddy Spoons 300

On our web site we have some fine silver tea caddy spoons made by silversmiths. Dating from the time when tea was an expensive commodity and did not just come down to tossing a tea bag into a stained mug silver caddy spoons become of themselves works of art which added a touch of class to the process of savouring what was then a drink for people of some means.

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